A Change In The Season

September is one of those transitional months that mark a change in the season. The changing of the seasons affords us the opportunity to reflect, retool and refocus. In my book, Run & Not Be Weary: The Pursuit of Purpose & Destiny, I speak of seasons and how we must prepare for season changes in our lives.  I write, “Within each season, our responsibility is to manage and complete our God-given purpose, regardless of its difficulty or duration. Then, in God’s appointed time, we must prepare ourselves to change along with the seasons of life.”

As the season changes we are prompted to reflect on lessons learned from previous seasons. This includes assessing lessons we can store for future experiences and those we can share with others. The season change affords us the opportunity to retool by sharpening our skills and gaining new skills. This may require a change in your daily routines, making room for new opportunities of growth and success. A change in the season provides space to refocus our lives, creating alignment with our values, mission and purpose.

Soon we will enjoy a change in the color of the leaves and trees. Flowers and plants that bloomed during the spring and summer months will begin to die. The busyness of our schedules may lessen. Yet, we can take full advantage of this season to reflect, retool and refocus. Like all seasons, change is inevitable and what we gain in this season may prove to be valuable for many seasons to come.

Enjoy a change in the season,

Dr. Toni

Ebony Steiner