Embracing The New Year

Many people begin the year with new resolutions regarding health, wellness, money, relationships, family, education, dreams, visions, personal and professional development.  What I enjoy most the New Year is the opportunity to make new commitments toward my pursuits.

Reflecting over the past year can be a bitter sweet experience. While, I rejoice over many accomplishments, there remain goals and projects I have yet to accomplish. I have two choices, lament over what I did not accomplish and remain in state of regret, or move forward with a new determination and commitment to my goals, dreams, vision and purpose.

As we cross over into this New Year here’s what I have committed to do:

  • Resolving that whatever I did not accomplish last year can still be accomplished.

  • Revisiting past opportunities to assess what new opportunities may still exist.

  • Sharpening my skills through coaching, education, professional development and training opportunities.

  • Synergizing my efforts by partnering with people and organizations with similar focus and passion.

  • Remaining open to new ideas and ways of accomplishing my vision.

  • Facing my fears with boldness and confidence.

  • Celebrating every victory and learning from every defeat.

I’m embracing the new year and each day with an optimism that can overcome every challenge and I invite you to totally embrace it with me.

Happy New Year!

Dr. Toni