Celebrating Survivors

October is National Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness month. Throughout the month, celebratory events are hosted by women’s groups, sororities, civic, community and faith-based organizations, designed to educate and lift the stories of courageous women. We salute women who have persisted amid personal struggles and obstacles that were placed in their path.  To overcome such obstacles, these women exude with character and an undying determination to live.

 While I could take the time here to do a roll-call of so many historical women, the purpose of my writing today is to prompt you to think of and celebrate your own history and courageous women such as our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends, activists, leaders, teachers, coaches and mentors.  Many of these women are our unsung heroes yet their courage inspires courage in all of us.

 In fact, our lives are filled with women who have survived some of life’s most challenging circumstances. Whether breast cancer, domestic violence, heart disease, poverty, homelessness, mental, physical, or spiritual maladies, let’s celebrate all women because women are surviving every day!

 Celebrating you….

 Dr. Toni

Ebony Steiner