Life Principles for Every Season

Just like spring follows winter, so it is with the seasons of our lives. Seasons that typify drought, disappointment, pain and failure are often followed by seasons of growth in our faith, family, finance, business, career and ministry. Seasons when our lives appear to be stagnant come at different junctures within our life span. Therefore, we must always prepare ourselves for a season change.

 As I reflect on the current season, I am pondering on the lessons of previous seasons. I’m thinking about the times when I almost gave up on my dreams, visions and goals. I’m considering how I endured difficult seasons and how the lessons of those seasons shaped me into the women I am today. I have discovered that my behavior in seasons of stagnation, will impact how I handle seasons of advancement.

 During the winter season, growth slows down and appears non-existent. Yet, there is always a seed germinating under the surface that can endure the harshness of winter. Like that seed, that endures the harshness of winter, we can experience sustainable growth in seasons that appear to be stagnant.

 I invite you to consider the following life principles that will position your life for growth and expansion in every season:

  • Maintain your faith in God.

  • Develop a healthy self-image.

  • Remain connected to a community of faith.

  • Invest time, energy and money into personal and professional development.

  • Maintain a good work ethic.

  • Developed a theology and practice of self-care.

  • Regularly assess and confront areas of weakness in your character.

  • Set healthy and realistic goals.

  • Prioritize the people who matter most like family and friends.

  • Be a consistent tither and generous giver.

  • Give to causes that improve the lives of people.

  • Connect with people who share common values.

  • Celebrate every accomplishment and victory.

  • Celebrate others accomplishments and victories.

  • Challenge your assumptions.

  • Remain open to change and people of differing cultures, experiences and thinking.

  • Work Hard, Play Harder…

  • Enjoy the Journey!


Dr. Toni