Who’s On Your Self-Care Board of Directors?

Living a lifestyle of harmony requires that we engage, consult and inquire of persons with varied skill sets and expertise to which we can draw encouragement, information, inspiration, insight and instruction. I call these people my, Self-Care Board of Directors. These are the persons to whom I have made myself accountable for living a healthy, holistic lifestyle of harmony.

 Below are some people groups and professionals you should consider adding to your Self-Care Board of Directors. Having such people in your life will aid you in living an integrated life of wholeness and enhance your self-care journey.

  • Family and Friends

  • Medical Professionals

  • Mental Health Counselors, Therapists and Psychiatrists

  • Nutritionists & Healthy Eating Coaches

  • Life Coaches

  • Spiritual Directors

Ask yourself these pointed questions:

  •  Which of the persons listed above do I currently have on my self-care board of directors?

  • Which of the persons listed above do I need to onboard?

  • How would my life improve if I added one or more of these persons to my self-care board of directors?

I invite you to learn more about developing your Self-Care Board of Directors in my book, Harmonize Your Life: A Journey Toward Self-Care.



Dr. Toni

Ebony Steiner