Embracing Change

One of the leadership books that inspired me last year was Scott Wilson’s Steering Through Chaos: Mapping a Clear Direction for Your Church In The Midst of Transition and Change.  I was so inspired by this book that it actually got me excited about something that at one time would make me cringe whenever I saw it coming and that is, Change.

Here are some lessons taken from this book that can help you as you embrace the changes that are necessary for your life :

  • Continually refreshing your vision reduces frustration and keeps the goals of change in front of you.
  • Communicating your vision for change invites others to help you and creates a wave of enthusiasm about change.
  •   Connecting with coaches, mentors, spiritual advisors, and communities helps to navigate the waters of change and maintain healthy perspectives and responses to change.
  • Celebrating transforms our perspective, strengthens our resolve and produces tenacity to conquer doubts and fears about change.

Wilson states “It is possible to thrive in the midst of change.  To do so, you’ll need to have a clear vision of God’s calling, excellent communication, relationships of affirmation and authenticity, and tenacity.”

While the context of this book is about church leadership, the principles found within are transferrable to any area of life, work, personal growth and development. Change can be challenging but with the right approach and strategies you can Embrace Change.


Dr. Toni