It's Mind Over Matter


A few days ago I was sitting at my desk thinking about that morning’s workout at Tadda’s Fitness Camp. It was truly a challenging workout: jog, jump, sprint! I can still hear Tasha encouraging us to do our best as we endured a strenuous exercise routine in the heat. At one point, I began thinking, “This is too much!” I didn’t think I could meet the challenge of a drill that spans the length and width of the entire parking lot 2 ½ times. “Really Tasha?”

However, before these negative thoughts could dominate my mind, I started reciting passages of scripture that encouraged me to think positively about the exercise routine. I began thinking about the benefits of exercise and the results I was experiencing. I began to view the workout as a necessary component to my health and fitness goals. Before long, I began to notice a direct correlation between my thought patterns and my ability to accomplish the task at hand.

So many times we set out to accomplish something difficult and immediately negative thoughts will take over and cause us to quit. Whether it is exercise, eating right, accomplishing a task related to work or school, how we think really affects our ability to reach our goals and dreams. While today’s workout was difficult and challenging, at the end of the day, we met the challenge. We gave it our all. We covered the parking lot 2 ½ times. Go Orange Team!

I leave you with this passage for your meditation this week, “Begin to think on the Word or begin to sing a praise song to God. Make a conscious effort to fill your mind with good, pure, wholesome, and lovely thoughts (Philippians 4:8 Amp. Version). What ever challenge you may face this week, remember it’s ‘Mind Over Matter’ and you can meet every challenge.


Dr. Toni