Life Without Purpose

“The Greatest Tragedy in Life is Not Death, But a Life Without Purpose.” ~ Dr. Myles Munroe

It’s been almost two weeks since the world was shocked by the tragic plane crash that claimed the lives of Dr. Myles & Lady Ruth Munroe along with seven other members of their church, family, leadership team and aircraft crew. The news of this tragedy quickly filled up social media and other media outlets, while many began making phone calls and text messaging family and friends in utter disbelief that something this tragic could happen to people who appeared almost invincible. As I sat for many hours trying to wrap my brain around this tragic event, I was comforted in my assurance that this man and woman lived a life of purpose.

Dr. Myles Munroe was a game changer. He shifted our understanding of creation helping us to understand that our lives have meaning and significance. I can remember the first time I heard him speak live. His words filled the room. I listened intently to his message on purpose and connected to this truth in ways that changed my life forever. My entire life is a testimony of the sovereign power of God and the courage to discover my life purpose and destiny.

Quoting Dr. Munroe many times in my sermons, workshops and writings on purpose and destiny, his sudden death makes me aware of how much his teaching has influenced my life’s work and ministry. In fact, it was the revelation that I received from his teaching on purpose that became the inspiration for my first book, Run and Not Be Weary: The Pursuit of Purpose and Destiny. In it, I offer some spiritual and practical truths in an effort to illuminate a pathway for those who dare to make the journey toward purpose and destiny.

One truth and principle that we all must embrace wholeheartedly, is that God has a definite plan for our lives. This is a comforting notion, but the chilling reality is that it is our job to search it out, unearth the hidden treasures that God has placed inside of us, doing the necessary work in maintaining, developing, and maximizing our unique potential.

One of my favorite quotes by Dr. Myles Munroe is “The richest place on the planet is the cemetery.” He posits, so many people die with untapped potential and unrealized dreams and passion residing inside of them. He encouraged us to “die empty”, meaning we must live a life of purpose and leave a legacy in the earth for the next generation to follow and build upon.

Listening to videos of some of his last messages, interviews and candid conversations, it seemed that he was giving his closing remarks. He began to go beyond the borders of living a single life of purpose, encouraging leaders to mentor others in such a way that those who follow have the ability to continue the vision in the absence of the leader or in the event of a tragedy, or in the untimely death of the leader. He stated, “Success is not success without a successor” and “If your vision dies with you, you have failed as a leader.”

My tribute is to live my life in a manner that when I die, it will cause for a celebration of the marriage and family that I enjoyed, the lives that I inspired, the women and men that I empowered, the children that I nurtured, the books that I authored, the songs that I sang, the sermons that I preached, the people that I coached and mentored, the legacy that I built, and the life that I Lived On Purpose!

Rest In Peace Dr. Myles & Lady Ruth Munroe, while I did not know you personally, I am counted among the millions of people that your lives touched.

Dr. Toni G. Alvarado